Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Fiffy Natasya selesa berimej gadis Jepun

Now people must be wondering who Fiffy is,
A quick look at Metrowealth website, and we found her profile.

Name: Fiffy Natasya Binti Suhaimi
Nickname: Fify
Race: Malay
Religion: Muslim
Date of birth: 26th April 1993
Zodiac: Taurus
Height: 143 cm
Weight: 38kg
Hobby: Watch Movies, Singing
Favourite music: All Music
Profession: Singer, Actress,Model, Emcee & Student


• RTM “On Call”
•“Rakan Pintar”

•Astro “Maya”
•Commercial TV3 – “Simfoni Syawal”, “Mengundi”
•Commercial “Courts Mamouth”
•Commercial RTM - “Ceti Haram” & “Cetak Rompak”
•Model Magazine –Bintang Kecil
•Model Duta Sek. Men Taman Keramat (1)
•Presenter “Programme Kids” - RTM

•Cinta Kolestrol
•I Know What You Did Last Raya
•Cinta Fotokopi (2004)
•Main-Main Cinta (2005)

•Kumpulan Wardah – 3rd Album
•Solo Album “Kawan”- (Jan 2005)

•Cinta Kolestrol
•I Know What You Did Last Raya

•Slot Samarinda “Sephia” TV3
•Kisah Benar TV3
•Cerekarama “Misteri Syakila”, “Situasi”.

•1st Winner “Patriotik” – The Mines
•1st Winner “Talent Kids – Maju Junction
•1st Winner “Ms. Citrawarna”-Nilai 3, Pusat Pelancongan, Negeri Sembilan
•1st Winner “Superstar Kid - Carrefour
Activities: Frenclub SMS interactive programme

Not too sure when was the last time it gets updated, but it's worthwhile for now.
But what about photos?

How about if we put her profile links from social networking sites for you to find out yourself? Sounds fair enough. So here goes :

> Friendster
> Myspace
> Facebook

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